Saturday, October 10

; He is always there.

Salam people.

I always mention something about God fearing when I feel something happen to me. Why eh? Should I leave the question unanswered? Or, you readers interpret all the matters? Never did I regret that everything happened has its own reason, the mutually natural situation.

Alhamdulillah, I did my manifestos. Not so good, but I was there on the stage, giving up all the best I could. Whatever happen next, I'll let it flow by Allah, as He knows whats the best. He is always there. Am I being a typical person by saying same thing all over the phase? The answer is no, as I know Allah is the best place you can count on. Because complaining something to Him, is actually a moment where you can say anything in your heart. Im not saying that I am the alim kind of person. But, come again, He is the place I've been seeking to whenever I need strength.

Regarding the manifesto night, most people will actually judging me by my expression, perhaps? Hmpph, I am totally sorry for making up some over the rainbow expression. I was tired the whole day, and yeah, was kind of shocked too. But, all in all I am great! Adibah.. she is full of something. PFFTS

Well, there are a lot of thing happened lately. The HOPE. Tennis practice and even the loads of reports that have to be submitted the next week. It has been a long time since I left my whole packing time during my time in Beseri. Now, I miss the busy-ness.

Definitely, I will be facing some kind of challenge within this week. Because, I know, I am afraid if the strength is not there when I am totally need it, I just fail to keep the trust again in myself. I do really hope Allah lend me The Prophet Muhammad's strength, the one and only.

Alhamdulillah, I am currently not trying to attach myself with anyone. I do pray for this will not happen to me especially here in KMB. No way. If have one, he is not from here. Or maybe he is just lost out there looking for me. Hahaha.

I am hungry and hoping that Ayah will come here and buy me a zinger burger. Seriously, I need fast food.

JPAM meeting was full with p!@#. I felt really doubt of going there again and meet the GS guy. He has this high imagination towards girls and some sexual attraction. Geli la. EEEE.

Dahlah, lab reports sudah memanggil saya. Pergi dulu ye?

I need Mars bars,

Deeb .

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ballqiszbelle said...

oh deeb, sorry x reply message kamu ye...

aku kopak. hehe.

macam mane nk bagi strength kat kau ni...aku buntu.

hehe, chaiyok!! Deeb the Greatest!! Deeb hebat! Semangat!! Deeb comel...[??] hehe..

ingat, Allah maha Kaya.

love, ball.