Sunday, May 10

; To all mothers

And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

- Marianne Williamson, "A Return to Love," 1992

Salam and hello :D

It would be very remiss of me to let today pass without wishing all wonderful mothers, mine included, a very Happy Mother's Day.

As someone who was fortunate enough to spend plenty of my childhood with my mother and my two grandmothers, I can say without hesitation that these three amazing women shaped who I am today. Ibu, Nenek Piah and my Allahyarhaman Nenek Ramlah. I hope I can be very much like them which will be one day as I growing up as a woman.

To Ibu, thanks for everything, every each of it. Nenek Piah, the most coolest and strongest person I've ever met, I think I inherited the baking skills from her and thanks for all the Baju Kurung too - great taste. Dearest Nenek Ram, though I was only knew you for two years, I miss you very much, the soft and very warm eyes. I still keep that in my memory since then.

Be sure to tell and show the amazing women around you how much they mean to you...not just today, but every day.

Somebody loved ;
Deeb .

p/s ; I am going to be a super good mother too, one day !


cik bulan said...

tq...aku pun ibu juga ;) haha

*adibalala; said...

ceh, kau anak dah berapa?
asal aku tak tau??
kahwin tak ajak eh.