Wednesday, May 6

; Have a happy period :)

1st situation

No, I don't! In fact, no one does. Trust me.

When our menstrual begin to cycle, its the time for the hormones to play its part too. I have my two err.. three maybe of my enemies currently adapting themselves at both of my cheek and right at the middle of my forehead! You guess it yourself. I don't want to take Diane-35 again, no and never again. I should buy the strongest peroxide to kill those. Okay, whatever. I am 18 and like Puan Hasma said "Orang yg ada pimple ni, sebenarnya sgt cantik!" Ha ha ha. So true. Apa pandang-pandang? I have this PMS that keeps bugging me all day. Eh, jerawat baik awak blah sekarang!!!!!!!!!!

2nd situation

Nah, Ball. You can now laugh out loud because I don't care. This thing will be my companion for 2 years. Finally, I am done with those jab stuff and scaling etc etc. Wee heeee :B

3rd situation.

Hardly, I can't online too often now. Ayah is asking me to key in his office data in Access and it seems that I am the only one who understands the system well instead of Atiqa. Thanks to my Computer Science class in 2007! Huw. And I am going to be paid. Ayah too has promised to buy me a new phone. Ngeh. Any suggestion? I have about 300 ++ data to be updated yet I am still blogging. Shooooooot! No, I don't to listen to any of his nagging, please NO!

Okay daa, people.

Actually, there were many situation that happened these few days. Hoi, dah stop Deeb.


Silver lining ;

p/s ; Any Nahwalians yg dpt wedding invitation from our lovely counselor, Miss Ainul?? Dia ajak gi Ganu weyh. Dia mahu kahwin.


Anonymous said...

weyh..sis...saya dapat kad tuh......adressed to amin dan rakan2....

Anonymous said...

nk ke sana?..i got the map..

aimirokis said...

waaa.. best2

*adibalala; said...

saya pun dpt. dia tuli deeba & rakan2.


Ariff Dean said...

nice braces. ahah

zOuL_iMMe said...

ko nampak lagi cun ngn braces tu..
serius,kalo ako xkenal ako ngorat dah..haha

waaa...da nak kawin,ako da tgk bakal husband dy..huhu

*adibalala; said...

ceh, being sarcastic eh?

woohoo, nak ngorat aku? ehem, ehem.
kau pergi eh wedding tu?

ballqiszbelle said...

sape kata aku nk gelak...x baik taw... ahh, aku really busy these days, nk bagi komen ni pon tgok2 jam lagi ni ha... k c yaa!

~AdDy AzMaR~ said...

thanx deeb..
kn aku dpt punck perdana tu kn..
aku dpt fast track ke?
konpius la...

*adibalala; said...

yela miss-busy-all-the-time. make sure u make a new arrangement for the next JADI meet up!

im not so sure about that. but puncak perdana provides good accountt course. try ask cikgu farijah.