Thursday, April 23

; Matrix revolution .

Salam and Hello readers,

No, it is not about the movie nor about the gorgeous guy, Keanu Reeves. Indeed, finally I have received my Matriculation Program letter. I hate it, because everytime my letter is showing up, it will definitely won't be me who tear the envelope off. Pissed me off! I mean it. The transcript, the offer letter, my Mega, and so does this latest letter. Please, stop tearing my letter!!

Ayah called me out, "DIBAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Ni ada surat pergi UK." I was like HA HA HA. Ayah was making another lmao joke. In fact, I know when the result will be released. You did not get me there, Ayah! Ayah is asking me everything about the letter, the what, how, where, who. Hehehe, the best part is there are tonnes of Beseri will be there too. Another port to be built. However, after Ayah checked the UPU result day, then I knew exactly, that most people are waiting to be part of it. So do I. The idea of going to Perak is awesome! The matriculation college is OOOOHH-ing me. I think Perak has the best views and structures.

Nevertheless, I am still hoping to get the MARA scholarship. Yesss! Ayah and Ibu are both have this feeling of me getting it. May the bless will be with me, InsyaAllah. Please oh Allah grant me your bless. Ease me to go through this tough life. Oh, please after all You are Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. Amin.

Oh, I am improving my English again. Jot down the good words and apply it here. Maybe, yes I miss my English class. Teacher Ida and Teacher Intan, the two sparkling lovelies. I saw Jodi Picoult's books at Subang Parade. Geez, Jodi's stories are like no other. Irresistable woo hoo.

So, the existence of papules is starting on my face. Oh, please disappear my benjol-benjolan. Sakit la. S***! My allergic is coming back to action, budusss. I think I should park myself again in front of the pharmacist, looking for Diane-35 and Differrin. What a waste.

Tomorrow is going to a hectic day, I guess. Morning, head to KL centre, Guardian, Book Fair. Evening, meet my whole bunch of relatives at Wak Yah's house, meeting with the folks about Abang Eddy's wedding. Yeeee ha! I love gatherings.

Ridiculous me ;
Deeb .

p/s ; Cetaphillllllllll , I need you!


ballqiszbelle said...

ok masih x dapat itu MEGA...

GO go deeb!!

ImaginE said...

hey...kalau dah pegi interview mara tu 90% dah dapat tempat la..juz tatau kena campak pergi mana kan?

hope kamu pon dapat uk jugak!

arlina said...

eh, you are going to matrix? hmmp, why everyone is going ni? i am waiting for upu jgk, kalau dpt upu, i'll go there. but then, the ultimate dream is uk lah kan

hopefully both of us make it to kolej mara banting, then off to uk :D

*adibalala; said...

patience. the best way dear. teacher noni is posting it by amounts. so, tunggu! mega cantik! :)

*kak wahida.
insyaAllah, amin byk2! Allah itu Maha Pemurah! Nnti kita beseri dpt ramai2 g UK!

eh, sure betul! i want to do IB too. and KMB is the most suitable place sbb, the environment mcm still under control which is sngat la bagus! :D

*adibalala; said...

oh saya tunggu UPU!