Thursday, April 9

; Ibu saya.

Selamat Hari Lahir, Ibu !

Alhamdulillah, Ibu is 47 today. Luckily, I managed to wish her yesterday. I was the first one. Dengan kelantangan volume aku yang tiada tandingannya, aku menjerit. Wee :D As usual, after the Intan's sinetron. I love you, Ibu. Sangat sangat.

Ibu always taught me to strive for the best and to never settle for less, or that is exactly what you will receive less. This concept has been drummed in my ears, and I am so glad that she taught me that lesson. She showed me, with that one sentence, I can be whatever I wanted, whatever my heart desired; that nothing is out of reach with hard work, determination and strength.

Here I am, still standing to treasure the world of me, my journey.
With my expertise in baking (perasan, dush!), no worries I will bake the most fantastic cake ever.
Saya sayang Ibu saya.

Diba mahu minta maaf atas segala tindak-tanduk Diba yang melukakan hati Ibu. Diba sentiasa doakan agar dapat jadi anak yang solehah untuk Ibu (though, sometimes I could not control my anger). Doa Ibu lah yang sentiasa menerangi hidup Diba. Diba akan buat yang terbaik dalam hidup Diba. For both of you, Ibu and Ayah. I am truly happy to be part of our incedible family. The most hectic and loudest. Ibu yang paling kuat sekali, setiap masa. I remember when we were all in the hardship, every each of us sangat kuat menghadapi ujian Allah. The time you took care of me during my hospitalization in ICU. To sacrifice? Anything, everything and anytime I rather to do it. May Allah bless you with happiness and properity. I love you.
Your daughter,

Zulinah Binti Surip, hati jantung saya.

♥♥♥ ;
Deeb .


zOuL_eMy said...

oo..hepy besday auntie..smoga pnjg umo n murah rezeki...kagum, auntie mampu menjaga adiba yg ngok ngek nie...huhu

*adibalala; said...

aku ngok ngek?
dush, dush.
haha, thanks for the wish dzoul.

NIESYA said...

humm...untie zulinah,,epy bday..
may Allah bless u~

ballqiszbelle said...

oh terlambat..


deeb, sampai kan ini taw!