Sunday, March 15


Salam readers. Hello.

Alhamdulillah. Everything was Allah's fate. The one who always know whats the best for the servants. I got 10As. Not a straight 1A, but the total grateful from me. So, now I'm deciding to take medic. A doctor. That what everybody wants me to. Ayah, ibu, uncles, aunties. I'm sure I can do it. I will. Even the engineer knew that I can be a doctor. Oh, him! I miss him a lot. He got all As too. Yeah, maybe he will fly away to Aussie pursuing his dream to be an engineer. Maybe, this is a start of something new. A new journey is about to begin.

So, I'm applying for MARA scholarship for medic course. Insyaallah, if there is my rezeki, I will further my studies. I really want to study abroad. Looking for some experiences. I filled the UPU forms, UTP, MATRIX, and yeah, Mc asked me to fill the Sime Darby form too. Give me some guide, dear friends. Really. I AM CONFUSE.

Last night, I was thinking about him. Bodo sgt. I miss him. Bila agaknya pertemuan antara aku dan dia berulang lagi? During the result day, I was never had a chance to talk to him. Never. I know, Im such an egoistic person. Real one.

But, if he reads this. If. You know who you are. I miss you sgt. You are a reallly good person to me. A nice guy. Maybe, you are my first real love. The one that I will never forget. Ingat tak masa trial? You were the who gave me the note, written there . " WE FIGHT FOR TRIAL! IM CHALLENGING YOU!! - you know who - "

How can I forget every little thing that you said to me. Even the voicemail. The award that we wont together? Haahah. It was the sweetest thing happened. Thanks for the wonderful memories that we had together. Okeh, so ramai yg tatau sebenarnya what actually happen between us. Too sulit. HAHA.

Nazmi and me. KAWAN SAMPAI MATI. kan kan?

Dah tau? Tak payah kecoh eh?




hey deeb,
you deserved it....
semoga menjadi doctor yg x takut darah...haha~

ye ke? or more than that?

IrfAn al-KeiLani said...

deeb... T A H N I A H

arlina said...

haha.u are soo cute deeb, about that nazmi, even i knew about it even if im the new kid in school. haha

anyway congrats :)

Ariff Dean said...


*adibalala; said...

to all my friends thanks.... thanks million. arlina, mcmne you tau??

ainun munirah said...

deeb syg...

arie tue aku jmpe die kt meja ckgu laila..

die tnye ko dpt bape...

aiyo..asal la x ckp ngan die???

but xpe..kwn smpai!


*adibalala; said...

dia tanya kau?
mmg nak kene belasah.
kau tau, dia kata aku dh berpasang.
mana mazhab dtg pun aku tatau.

a.n.i.s.h.u.s.n.a said...

ok gak tu...

*adibalala; said...

sumber inspirasi shj.
bak kata cikgu kasumawati..
kita kene ada sumber inspirasi..
di tempat belajar.