Monday, March 30

; Happy Birthday to you ..

This is specially dedicated to you ;

Sharifah Nurfaizah Binti Syed Bakar .

30th MARCH 1991

Alhamdulillah, my deskmate Sherry turns 18 today. Since 2007 until 2008, we had been together facing a lot of troubles, fun, hardships and everything together. This girl is no like other. Trust me. Her joyous and bubbly personalities will never turn you down. She is a girl with great attitude, a fighter, a rockstar. It's wayy to long to describe her.

Aku masih ingat lagi. Masa kita dua belajar dalam Bilik Rex. Aku rasa sedih sgt. Tetiba, terfikir soal persahabatan. Tapi, kau yang bagi kekuatan kat aku. Aku masih simpan note tu. Written by your friggling fingers with the small handwriting. Oh, how could I ever forget each moments that we had spent together?

It is an honour to have such a wonderful friend like you. Even, the-one-you-know was asking you about me. Plus, you are also the one who gave me the strength to tell him off. And yes, I did. I am super sure we are going to make our dreams come true. Whatever it takes. Have faith in yourself, pray hard to Allah and move forward. You rock, babe!

One day, Sharifah Nurfaizah Binti Syed Bakar will be the rockest lecturer in Accountancy. InsyaAllah. I love you. Kita kawan sampai mati. Okay?

Esok keluar, round KL. Agak busy cari peta KL .

xoxo ;
Deeb .


BALL said...

ahh so sweet lah!

*adibalala; said...

nanti birthday kau.
aku buat surprise surprise.