Monday, March 30

; Chong's Kindergarten, Bangsar

This post is not about Ah Chong who live happily ever after, but, Mrs. Chong who was my I called her, a Big Teacher during my early childhood. I enrolled in this kindergarten when I was 4. Actually, I still remember my bus driver name. Pakcik Samad. He called my Debab. And thanks a million to him for I am today. He even waited for me with the others in front of the house, because I woke up late. Oh not to forget also included, her wife, Cik Salmah the rockers. Thank you to both of you. Still in my mind.

I was a chubby girl during my childhood. People called Debab. My first teacher was Cikgu Anita. Then Cikgu Kamariah, later when I was 6 my teacher name was Cikgu Zaiton. I was the loudest student among the others. No wonder Big Teacher always asked me to recite the pledge every Monday morning. The best part was my birthday party was held in the class every year. Don't be shock but the same cake would appeared, Black Forest cake. Ibu was the one who prepared the party pack. She even included apple. A fresh apple, no joke.

I cannot deny that I had a very straight and healthy hair before. A thick one which was adorable. Was, yes. I need my baby shampoo back! WAAAA. Apart of that, I had many friends, of course la. Anita, Azika, Nik, Sarah, Amir, Henry (Mat Saleh kid), Ashraf... I could not remember the rest. Anita was the closest to me. I have no idea where is she now.

My kindergarten is located along Jalan Maarof, in front of Bangsar Village (used to be an old Hankyou Jaya Mall). Sometimes, when Ibu fetched me at my place, she brought along the camera. The old one la. There was no digital cam in 1996. I have tonnes of my kindergarten pictures. Oh, we had a dance class too. Big Teacher was the one who played the piano. So many for my early childhood. I decided to post this entry when, I saw a kid in their kindergarten uniforms. "Boy, you still have a long journey. Feel it and don't waste.", deep my heart.

But now, Chong's Kindegarten no longer use that name. Instead of Chong, they change it to a modern name, Beaconhouse Kindergarten. However, the old name stay stick to my soul. Part of my life until today.

Beaconhouse, Bangsar

Cikgu Anita yg paling baik.

1995 :)

My Black Forest Cake.

Atiqah's 6th birthday party.

Atiqah, Me and the giraffe.

I miss my childhood. Truly. Deeply. ♥

xoxo ;
Deeb .


Anonymous said...

nice...cute too....

syud said...

deeb comel gila!!hahax

*adibalala; said...

tu la.
anak sape ni eh?

ballqiszbelle said...

deeb, mmg comel and debab!! ahahaha...

deeb, sorry but it's KINDERGARTEN..

hey, i miss my childhood too..
xsbr nk scan the pics..

*adibalala; said...

oh haha.
tu la..
i was thinking of T
but mcm lain je.
tapi, bila guna otak aku.
jadi mcm tu la.
thanks super great tutor.

*adibalala; said...

corrected. hehehe.

Anonymous said...
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