Friday, February 6

cookies ONLINE.

Homemade cookies by Adiba.

  • taste like FAMOUS AMOS cookies , no doubt .
  • comes with 2 types of cookie ; double chocolate & plain .
  • freshly baked from my superb oven .
  • crunchy , high quality of ingredients , sedapp gila .
  • good prices .
  • bulk order will be charged in special prices (:
  • just shout your request at my cbox !

it is a small business , comes with small prices . agree ?

xoxo ,
adiba .


arlina said...

adorable gila cookies itu. haha
eh hari ni kita spend 1 pound for 3 cookies and sgt tak sedap gilaaa. argh menyesal. sampai msia kite beli awk punya okay

*adibalala; said...

hhaa. tp, u kat nottingham. betul ke tak spelling tu? when you come back here?

syakey said...

bisnes camneh best jugak eyh