Monday, February 16

; ashamed? nah.


oh, while i was waiting in super freaking boredom and yeah, i was alone, i remembered the time where my college were to be invited to Syeikh Muzaffar's dinner when he was about to go up there. what should i call that place eh? ah, it is space center. ntah la, mana la aku tau sgt. so, the moment of my foolishness suddenly splashed into my briliant brain. the time i was been interviewed by local media tv. astro awani kot. oh, i thought i was going popular then. bengap kan?

the first thing she asked me was , "how do you feel about this programme to the space" ( in very manner way ) aik, aik. i answered , "i felt very happy and proud to see one of malaysian to go there at the moon, as we all know, the last person who actually went there was neil armstrong. i feel really proud as our Syeikh Muzaffar can make some labels at the moon" ( while my friends at the back of the camera was actually showing me not the mood, instead of it.. it was actually a space center called as ISS )

i was just smile. and guess what the reporter said? "oh, i guess you got the wrong facts dear. not the moon but it is a space center, ISS. thank you for spending some of your time with us. lain kali dik, baca paper tau." oh, rasa mcm nak bunuh diri jugak masa tu. malu tahap gila sawan aku. budak label MRSM je, tapi, adoiyai weyh. asal la aku 'ter'bengap masa tu.

after all, i was a stupid little girl who waited in front of the tv screen to see if my face would appear. it actually took 4 days to confirm it. that my interviewed was not actually been recorded. malu je. balik beseri kena perli. ahh, peduli hape aku. asal dapat mkn dinner tinkat 5 bintang weyh. korang? siap Syeikh Muzaffar lambai kitaorang lagi sebelum ke ISS. purhhh.

dah la. aku termalu dah ni balik. i just miss them. really, BESERI .

xoxo, adiba.


azuaLIYANA said...

lawak laa..
tp ta pe, pengalaman.heheh


ye lah deeb...janji kite makan 5 star kan..
masa masuk tuh ingat ke makan dlm polisterin kan,
tp tetiba plak makan kat meja n served lagi tu...

rindunye masa itu...
makan 5 star~

*adibalala; said...

weyh.. aku pun teringat masa tu..
nak mkn lagi.
nak lagi.

azuaLIYANA said...

btol2..kenyang sgt2.walopon opd mulenye ako pening gan suson ator meja tuh.byk sgt sudu.sib bek syaf guide ako.weheee~