Saturday, May 14

; You can never be my last. Because you are staying right here.

May God bless your day.

Greetings from Banting! Less than a week, I'm out of here. Glad, and sad, a paradox sentiments. Its beyond the regular day. And the daily basis is about to end. At least for couple of months.

I told you right? That the language of Him, comes in different manner. Even, the facebook statuses by others. Reminded me of how blissful and lucky my life is. Surely, myself had to face some big difficulties and issues about life, but thats what, He prepares you for the future. I've learned. Been there, was there, and I was deflated. Was. Alhamdulilah, He gave me the strength to see the unravel.

One by one, heck, I am still learning to get out of the phase.

I was beyond exhausted, literally. Thinking about my past, present and future, is actually mesmerized me for a while. I miss her. I miss her and yes, I miss her. If only she reads this post. If and only if we can act like a normal bestie, again, like before. If and only if, the troubles we got into are just the reflecting the honesty of our friendship. I could not careless. I found its hard to tolerate with my own inside voice about her. I love her, as much as before, if she only knew. The first time we receive our semester result. We were shouting like hell. The time she and I were on the same small bed in my room. Talking nonsense. Well, I miss the whole part of our thoughtless moments together.

If she only knew.

However, I believe, things happened for various reasons. And waiting for the end to come. Because the end is another beginning. Oh, man.

I hate when there is gap. Prejudices. They say, so do I.

No, this is just another trouble that God send to you, so, you should discover the good behind the wall. And yet, I am still browsing through it.

Deep inside, you still a girl with maniac actions, contagious laughters, and a honest friend to me.

'Jumpa bawah pokok' HAHAHA.

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