Tuesday, May 31

; And she is going..

It’s nearly, 18 years, since I live along with her. Fighting, laughing, crying, slapping each other face, worse, we could actually, scratching each other’s faces. Indeed, pulling hair is a normal behavior for us. A girl that I know for so long, all that I can hold on to, cope up with. Someone that actually makes me laugh. She is full of glitters.

I remember when she was about 4, each time we had our dinner outside; she would mingle with other customers in the restaurant. She would spill the drinks, and got scolded by Ayah.

The best thing about her is that, she will help you with anything. Buying Nasi Goreng at Baqiat or, sending me to LRT station, she is above all, the right one to ask for anything.

She nags like an old lady. She shouts like no one hears her voice. She is friendly, to each and every one of our neighbor. Sometimes, I seriously wanted to slap her face and ask her to shut her mouth off. But, she did it on purpose, so that everyone gets their jobs done. Listening to her high pitch of babbling is another survival.

Cant say much about her rating in her both primary and secondary school. Among the popular one. Got place in school’s polls. Acknowledge by people in Bangsar Zone, ask TTDI, Bukit Bandaraya, Segambut.. etc. She is loud, outgoing and, sometime the lamest person I ever met.

Now that she is going. For good. For the sake of her brighter future. I must say, this bidding of goodbye, though it is just for a while, I feel the awkward of not having her in the house. Her super sarcastic jokes and sayings will be a mute for a while. Perhaps, she is always there and never gone far from home. At least, she will learn to be a bit more independent. As usual, she is.

She is Aqilah, my younger sister. Black and smelly. May Allah always guide her throughout her journey in Sabah. And please, Allah, protect her from the influence of bad people. Aamin.

All the best :)

Your lovely sister,


imah said...

aqilah pergi sabah??! buat ape??

silentdreamer said...

haha..i can smell love-hate relationship there. haha.

biasala adik beradik..:)