Wednesday, April 27

; Butterflies.

Pffft, what a wonderful day. Lucky girl, she is. Beautiful.

In the name of Allah. I'll begin my words.

Throughout the week, and the week before, I've been thinking a lot about my future. Never that I knew, that I will reach this altitude of life. I had fun, sadness, laughters, failures all mixed up together. I am scare yet, I am enjoying this adventure. The teacher's day has widened the way I should see things beyond.

In less than a month, I will shift to a new angle in life. I cant even believe that, I keep the feelings towards a guy and make it a secret myself. Allah knows, and I will let him do His work. I shall not worry. However, a glance to him, created blood flowing with a higher speed. Tell you something, I cannot talk to the guy that I like. Talk as in, talk in a friendly manner. Some guys are just easy to communicate with, but him, the feminineness in me has the double effect. In Malay, I might call it 'control cun'. At least, you know where to limit some good stuff.

I am sure, I am ending this college without a '..and they live happily ever after..' kind of tone. How I wish he reads this. Yes, in my dream, I would tell him. Too afraid, and too busy yet, too eager to admit. Keeping things to myself is eventually a success. Another stops, with a good view. Moving to the next stop and wondering hows the scene would be. A better one, or leaving a memory in mind.

Wrapping this whole life in KMB is a massive paradigm. Talking about education, Chemistry is at crisis. At least, Biology need some good memory storage. Chemistry is just easy. I make it complicated. Reading Maths, is now a blissful time to me. Alhamdulillah, Allah gives me the knowledge that somehow, made me into pieces for past 3 semesters. The bless, and the test that Allah has prepared for me is beautifully signify the current scene. InsyaAllah, Chemistry will follow the footsteps of Mathematics.

A 10 minutes conversation with Ain, Fi and Elynn, actually, making he day even more colourful. April babes always the coolest. No doubt in that.

But each of us know, something more is happening, and we are eager to face them.

22. Bye.

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imah said...

^^ I HOPE my man would read my heart without something flow out from my mouth..

beb!! we are just alike kot =P