Tuesday, June 1

; To Gaza, from Malaysia. With love.

Humanity for Palestine .
Salam and hello world.

Staring at the recent news about Gaza, reflects the harmony world I am living in. No conspiracy, no barbaric satanic (the israelites and their damn associates) and no tears flowing. But, to emphasize the contradiction here about the over comfortable we stuck into. Yes, not to brag or be ungrateful, but after the usrah that I had with my collegemates in KMB, the ultimate truth about being in such a you-got-nothing-to-worry-about your-life-but-studies, is actually a real test for you. To see whether you are doing your job and the Caliph or the other way round.

Yes, Allah chose us. He chose me as well to jump into the society like I am in now. I felt the burden, but like what Kak Diba told me, if it's not hard and challenging, then, you are not actually spread the da'wah, you are doing nothing. I am afraid that when the judgement day comes, when Allah has measure everything of my deeds and bads in the world, I pass, but then I only have to make one small step into the Heaven, someone will shout over my name, "Adibah, Adibah, why you do not tell me about my Aurat? Ikhtilat? My duty as a Muslimah? We were close, very close friend right? Now help me to get out of this hell."

Then, what should I do next? The Heaven will be closed, and I will be dragged into the hell for not doing my job, what Allah asked me to do. Yeah, I can't imagine myself. It is a real suffer, even words cannot describe them. I am weak, but I'd tried.

Now, I know, it is not about being cool to be in one of the most popular group, or to be in the list for party here and there. Or not because, you have a lot of power on people, you can act like you are on the throne. No. Allah has chosen you to be with them. Allah knows I can cope with them and at the same time, I can spread the words from Allah. But, there is something beyond all of these, that is blocking me to stand up for the name of Allah. What a weak faith I have in my heart.

Looking around me, people, busy with their same daily routine. You wake up, you go to work, school. You get back home, have nice time with your family, then what? Everyday. I think what Shrek thought about his life after he married Princess F, is an absolute truth.

We need to awake, from our sweet escape. I know the victory of the Palestine is actually the sign of our last stand on the Earth. Kak Diba, once told us in Usrah, "Islam will stand again one day as the promise from Allah with or without your help. Don't be regret one day by saying, why I didn't contribute some of my strength in this war? Because, you can never turn back the time."

I don't want to be one of them. Sitting still, hugging myself, hiding from my enemies. Yes, I am glad to see the youths these days dare to voice out theirs words of wisdom. At least, they are the people around me. InsyaAllah, Allah will ease our struggle.

Jazakillah bil Khair.



arlina said...

beautifully written deeb. it touches my soul, really deep.

*adibalala; said...

Arli, your writing skill is better than me. :) Thank you. But, it happened that those words hit me as well :(

silentdreamer said...

dun worry my dear friend,
that's what friends for
to keep reminding us
to keep us reminding

all of us,
move 1 step at a time