Sunday, June 6

; I put PRO in my procrastination.

Salam and hello people.

Today is Monday which means I have less than a week for my tonnes of homeworks. Grr, to tell you the truth yes, I am somehow a pro-procrastinator.

However, I hate the idea of procrastination.

I hate that after feeling when the job isn't done and you're wondering "Where did all that time go?". It awful, I know. "Exams are coming, OMG OMG! *running around screaming at the top of my lungs like a mad hyena* or worst, you did not know the lab report has to due by tomorrow before 8 am, genius. Yet, I am not panicked, at all. In fact, my current fear right now is : I AM SO HUNGRY. Okay, shut up now, I am on my holidays,'s the deal,

This is getting crazy. I am sleepy, too. So far I've managed to screw up my To-do-list. Yeah, going online has only made it worse. I haven't done the notes on Economics but I am so sure that Syuhada or Normi or Mardiena oh yes, should include Dinie, have done their Economics notes and I did hmph, quarter of it, or perhaps, oh, only till chapter 4. Blimey. I'm going to do a couple probably right after I eat. I'd bring my new green organizer too, so that if Ayah grumbles about how lazy and very (enter an antonym for 'hardworking') I am, I'll show him how I PLAN TO STUDY. See, I, practically use his gift. Luckily, I have you Mr. Organizer, since he said I have as short term memory. Grrr. I think they should really understand how the clock works in KMB does, blame the college for my improper schedule of eating and sleeping.

Okay, serious. I am determined to get a fairly good mark. Very. After studying Mathematics for hours that one fine day, I started to wonder: All our efforts are says, nothing? It's all based on God's mercy. Take this, Mr. A worked hard and Mr. B didn't, but then Mr. C? Finally, I left it Nil. So what does this tells us? That our effort doesn't even count. But that does not just stop us from trying and just go "Stuff this, if it doesn’t count, why I am bothered?” Sometimes I just think that all we have to do is to think logically, with an appropriate reasons in ones perception to avoid others making generalization. It applies TOK here. If it does not count, what will we do? March right in, like a proud peacock and look at the paper hoping that somehow you'd miraculously just know the answer and would be able to answer it without studying? HA. Fat chance.

I am telling no joke. I did my very best. I studied. A lot. Yeah, at least more than the previous semester I supposed.

I could tell you why some people procrastinate. More, so why intelligent people do so because I am one who sometimes do that. You see intellectually gifted people are so well superior to others that we are flexible, meaning that practically, we can adapt very fast to almost any situation and can handle thing well. Say, if your living in a hostel, you practice more on procrastination. Because we adapt so well to situations it becomes a priority to us to stay in that situation mainly because we fit in so well. You see the procrastination for us intelligent people is because, we want to do it but our priority is elsewhere because it is rendered necessary at that point in time. Credits to our adrenaline rush. Good to have them around.

Homeworks? Done with WL drafts, halfway for Economics, and Terengganu, here we come!

I am giving excuses. Again, darn.

I am not a procrastinator, NO.

Deeb .

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