Thursday, June 4

; Revisiting the Archies comics

And, I am not merely thinking about David Archuleta, okay?

I was browsing through the network, google for some information on how to do this and that. Believe me, I even google 'HOW TO BE GOOD IN MATHEMATICS' plus 'HOW TO NOT BE SLEEPY IN CLASS'. Pity me. Well, at least I put some efforts into it, right? God knows how hard I'd tried.

I clicked at the facebook tab, since I had found the same tips over and over again and it did help me a bit. I saw new shout post by Priya, my old schoolmate in Hartamas. She did this Archies quiz "What Archie character are you?". I gazed at the answer written. HAHA, she got the Cheryl Blossom character. So, I put a try into it, hoping to get Betty Cooper, the girl next door :)

Questions passed by

Secret revealed! I am likely to be Betty, gahaha.

Truth be told, I just love it. So my mission now is to provide a blissfully happy example of how terrific the outcome of change, no matter how sudden and drastic, can be. And the best thing is just stick to yourself and keep one's chin up, yeah. Somehow, it gets me into my nerves while trying to adapt into any new life cases, and I bet everyone else feels just the same.

As I can recall, my last hang out with my classic tales of America's favorite was after my UPSR, 5 years ago? I remembered that it was me who played the Clues board games investigating the culprits ang the victims kind of games. Until now, I really question myself, "Eh, did I read Archies?"

I, sometimes sit at the back of my class reading corner with the soft cushion on my lap reading the Archies because there were plenty of the comics brought by my friends. I could not buy those, it cost about RM7.00 okay? And my daily pocket money was only RM2.00, enough to buy one stick one sausage or mee kari and a plastics of syrup during the recess. To be exact, I was only 12 years old that time and rarely go out. Gradually, however, I discovered the appeal of books and my obsessive towards the stories until it sudden ended early my high school :(

What I found latest about the Archies and the gang are, they are still in Riverdale High School and I am about to pursue my studies in a college in less than 20 days. Consequently, what is going on, actually? I really hope that Archie propose to sweet and lovely, Betty and definitely a no-no for Veronica the spoil and rich girl.

Or maybe I should start dating with my handsome Mathematics books sooner because I dumped Physics 6 months ago. Too complicated to be with, haha. Whatever.

The post is nothing ;
Deeb .

p/s ; Am still searching endlessly about HOW TO BE GOOD WITH NUMBERS. Anyone?


Lyana Khairan said...

can u see the quote?i realize that i cant.
it says

''kepada semua yang sedang bercinta, cinta tak semestinya bersatu.. apatah lagi cinta pertama...'

so terjiwang jap

*adibalala; said...

haha, i got your point.
i bet , i dun have any first love, terus kahwin.