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; April fool, please.

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I'm sure on this day, our minds would linger around just to come up with something to fool people around. unfortunately, little did we know about the history of this day and why is it called April Fool. April Fool was about the day the Christians fooled the Muslims in order to eliminate them.

About 1000 years ago, when Islam was in its Golden Era in the land of Spain; the influence was so strong till it can't be destroyed. Obviously, it would the habit of the non-muslims, irritated and has always wanted to destroy the religion of Islam and to shut the light Allah S.W.T. There were so many ways they had done and so many tricks they came up with with in order to defeat the Muslims. That was the scenario in Spain back then. The Christians especially hopes to annihilate Muslims from Spain whereas at the time, the Muslims in parts of Spain like in Grenade were strongly practising a life that based on the Quran and Sunnah; that made them really religiously strong till you can't distract them.

There were a lot of times they tried to attack, harrass and wipe them (the religion) out but met failures after failures. so they sent spies to study the foundation of Muslim's strong belief. The spies pretended to learn Islam and after a long while staying with the Muslims, they have come to a finding that the power of Islam lies on the faith (Iman) and genuine submission (Taqwa) of the Muslim to Allah S.W.T.

The information was spread to all the enemies of Islam, so they spent time strategizing to make the religion go weak and destroy it. After few conferences they came to a conclusion that in order to make the Muslim religiously weak; they must lure the Muslims into doing sins so their Iman and Taqwa becomes weak. Among things that they gave the Muslims were alcohol, music, drugs and even women.

That strategy worked (even to this day!). After a while, it was found that some of the Muslims lost their Iman and Taqwa. WHen the Christians realised this, they quickly planned to attack and destroy the Muslims. This time around, the Muslims were attacked to the maximum. Unfortunately, the Muslims at this time couldn't fight back ot defend themselves.

Finally, after 8 centuries of Islamic influence, the land of muslims in Spain fell to the hands of the Christians. The last district of Spain that fell to the Christians was Grenade.

The torcher done to the Muslim was so bad, If found, they will be torchered and killed. So the Muslim was forced to run and hide. The Christians was not satisfied yet at that time, so they offered a chance that if the Muslims wants to be safe, they must migrate out of Spain and ships will be prepared for their migration.The Muslims at first doubted at the offer, but they had no other choice. The ships were already there, waiting for them.

On the 1st of April, a big number of Muslims who survived got out of their hiding and headed to the coast with intention to leave Spain. At this very chance, the Spanish army attacked and killed all the Muslims, whether men, women or children. Even the ships contained the Muslims were burnt down. Furthermore, the the place where the Muslims survived and lived were also burnt down. And so, the Christians successfully destroyed the Muslims and this is known as the earliest ethnic cleansing done in the human history.

This damned, bloody day, were being celebrated by the Christians on the 1st of April every year. Eventually, the day wasn't just being celebrated in Spain, but all over the world. The day was known as April Fool's Day.

Well, makes me even sad is that even Muslims who are ignorant celebrates April Fools without realising that they are celebrating the anniversary of death of their brothers; brothers in Islam.

As a Muslim, it is very inconsiderate of us to support culture that did not originate from our own religion. Be careful. Wallahualam.


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Deeb .


ballqiszbelle said...

oh oh....thx fer the info babes!

sorry again; it's TORTURE. not torcher...mind that! (sbb aku syg kau)

keep on telling what ppl really confused, especially me....

*adibalala; said...

ahhh. errror tu.
thx again..