Saturday, July 12

ayat-ayat cinta.

ayat-ayat cinta.

dear sweetheart ( him ),

oh, how i wish i can tell you, how happy i am whenever you are around. i wish i can talk to you like everybody does. i really wish. though, we are in the same class. i felt its unfair for me. u never ask me anything, or speak to me like u do to others. i am jealous with others. i dun feel i am your friend.
did i ask too much? for actually having just a word from you?

i am confused with your act. confused the way u admitted that u are stuck when you want to talk to me. the way we exchanged our pics. and yes, u look upon my face, i stared and pull the face away. i was shy. really. how about you? i am in dazed. wether, u put me in your girlfriends list or the other way. i feel special at the same time i feel i am no one to you. or do i?

we have been through so many days. rarely, we speak to each other. very rare. i have to admit, i am jealous of you. jealous when u were talking to other classmates but not me. is hurt, i just dunno how. u can throw away the rubbish to wada rather than to talk to me. gosh, aku mmg terasa gila.

many told me, ur face changed when i received the letter from benji. r u? i am too scared to express myself. as yes, maybe, i am afraid to fall in love. too afraid, if my heart cannot stick back to its place. ya Allah, tunjukkan aku jalan itu. jalan yg menerangi aku. adakah benar aku memang jatuh hati kpd dia, rakanku? kau berilah aku petunjukmu.

to him, thx for everything. i am not daring to confess if i have fallen into u. do like me? am i differ from others from the view of ur eyes? i just need that answers. anyone?

love him, perhaps?


ear_fun said...

think of ur study deeb
rather than to think of love..
i know it is hard..
but remember u told me once, that kau nk blaja btol2??
spm 2008 10 A;S menanti nurul adibah!!

Ariff Dean said...

heh, its da same guy aite?
spm girl, focus on dat
though u may well over dat one
when u read dis little message ere
i just feel like saying it to u

love is strong, love hurts
if u just broaden ur horizon
just a little bit bigger
u'll see
bnyk lg kumbang2 kat luar sna tuh
lg hensem, lg baek hati

azhar said...

deeba 4 now...
i tink u should focus on ur study..
coz trial n spm is much much imprtant than that things...
u said wan 2 get 10A1 rght??
so prove it dat u can do it..
luv cant bring u abroad..n fulfill ur ambitions....
so juz ignored ur feelin 2 him...
n get 10A1..
yes Nurul Adibah Abdul Rahman can do it..