Friday, June 6

perlis in 2 days. wtf?

salam and hello readers.

as written up there. im going back to perlis in like 2 days!? darn! petrol price increase, so dad would not send me back. what else? oh yes, my homeworks. UNDONE. tahniah utk anda, dibaa ooi. guess i will finish it up kat maktab tercinta tu ah. i bet there are a lot people just like me. haha. trust me. for those who has done their hwrks, respect ah! bukan mudah. i know.

well, i went to dentist yesterday. check ups. sakit gak ah. adoi. im in waiting list for doing some crown stuff, wth? and yes, braces stuff. kat hospital byk org sakit. gosh. terok. and the doctors are very few. i wanted to be a doctor tp, aku ni penakut la. serious. bodo tauu. so, i chose accountant and business studies. well, open up my own one day, who knows? kan?

im still confuse about that interview. geram aku. naqib asked me to beat his marks by only 89. trust me. i will. teehee (: insyaallah, though it is like quite a hard marks. aduss. mampukah aku? kau bole ah dibaa!! trust me. apalagi ye?

tomorrow, i will go shopping shopping. for my hostel stuff. bosan oh. have to do list. pastu i have to buy some books. apalagi ye. ah most boring part, packing. !@#$%^^&*()_+~ AKU BOSAN!
and yes, what to do. buat je la. lagipun semester last. gosh. what a short time i've been through!

going back to perlis, means no more u, my blogger. goingto be boring again. adoi mak. get addicted to this new hobby. adoi mak. susah ow. nope. adibaa, u have to think about whats more important to you, dibaa. SPM. TRIAL. FUTURE! adoi. aku bole lakukannya. kau ada semangat dibaa. aku tau. yes!

to all my supporters, ibu, ayah, my superb sibs, nenek, my buddies, my besties, my seniors batch 22, thank you so much. you guys help me a lot! may Allah bless you!

till then, sampai sini dulu ye.


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Nqb...da one n only... said...

I noe u can beat me....kick some assses gurl!!!!