Friday, May 30

get face straight, piss off!

i wasn't talking bout you girl.
i wasn't saying that ur bff is a bitch.
i wasn't talking bout ur drama.
that post wasn't meant for you.

but whatodo,
you terasa.

& oh btw.
thank you for reminding me bout my mistake.
but no thanks.
i still remember it, u dont have to remind me.

so fine,
i was wrong.
buttt pleasee.
get ur fact straight first.

oh yea.
bile bende2 mcm ni jadi kat diri sendiri,
jgn ah sibuk ungkit bende lama.
sendiri, sendiri punye salah,
pandai2 ah handle.
takyah nyusahkan hidup org lain.

i dont want to fight,
i dont want to ague.
i've had enough.
im really reallly sick of drama.

i love my friends.
& you guys are still my friends.
think about it babes.


1 comment:

ImaginE said...

ni pasal budak maktab??